Landshire Pellets are an effective non-chemical fertilizer made from poultry manure.  This pelleted fertilizer is rich in nutrients and organic matter to improve plant growth and soil structure.

The pellets can be used on their own or as a supplement to other fertilizers. They release their nutrients slowly and break down naturally to improve the fertility of the soil.

Poultry manure is suitable for a range of arable crops including wheat, barley, oil seed rape, linseed, grassland, root vegetables, fruit trees and a wide range of flowers.

The pellets are produced at Landshire’s site plant on the Dorset/Somerset border by poultry farmer Paul Crocker. Landshire is a family owned agricultural business which promotes a sustainable approach to farming and food production through the lifecycle from growing wheat to producing eggs alongside pelleted poultry manure. The manure drying and fertilizer is the first its kind in the UK supporting the environmentally friendly, sustainable ethos of the business.

Landshire Pellets offer an environmentally friendly fertilizer free from additives, any urban compost or residues from water treatment plants.